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For Valuers




Valuers are the life blood of the industry. Whilst Lenders have ultimate responsibility over whom they appoint to their Panel Pure will work with Lenders to make them aware of Valuers not currently on their Panels who are providing a good service for other clients. As such we can help Valuers grow their valuation client base and help fill your day with productive fee paying work.

Acting on behalf of Lenders we check that each Panel Firm is registered with the RICS and carries a minimum of £1 million Professional RICS Compliant Indemnity Cover on an each and every claim basis with an excess of no more than 2.5% of the cover limit. No matter how many Lender Panels you are approved for, you only have to provide this evidence to us once a year.

Where specific Lenders require higher indemnity limits we advise on which firms meet those criteria. We will make you aware of where opportunities for further Panel appointments exist to allow you to decide whether increased levels of cover might be beneficial.

We provide support to firms by way of giving access to the Rightmove Plus system as well as database information available on Quest and The Valuation Exchange. We are also here if you have any queries as to what response the Lender expects or, on occasions how you might word any concerns you might have.

Guidance notes for Valuers provided by lenders are controlled, released and updated regularly so that together with our audit feedback we work to ensure that valuers are equipped for the job.We also monitor performance against specific criteria and provide regular feedback on how individual Valuers are performing.

At the end of each month we accept individual invoices or statements from you, collect payment on your behalf and ensure that you are paid promptly in accordance with written Terms and Conditions.

Where requested by Lenders we can and do facilitate the completion and return of Lenders terms of engagement with the Valuers and regularly communicate with you on the Lenders behalf.

We stand between you and our Broker Clients in order to manage and filter all PVQ’s and requests for further information thus freeing up your time to concentrate on the thing you do best.