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Welcome to Pure Panel Management

One of the UK’s leading names in Panel Management services. We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne but provide nationwide solutions to Lenders, Packagers and Brokers operating in the UK Residential Market.


The Pure Difference

“It may sound like a tired cliche but its our people that make the difference.”

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We are a privately owned business with the flexibility and agility that just isn’t possible with a big corporate partner. 

Our values are very important to us and we support the local community in a number of ways. 

The Right Choice

Independence, flexibility, customised service, years of experience and a track record for innovation and delivery. Contact us for an initial, no obligation meeting to discuss the incredible value we can add to your business.

Our uniquely personalised service means that we are able to concentrate our efforts where you, the client, need them most. How do we do this? Its simple really … 

By getting to know each of our client businesses personally and by listening to what you want. We don’t have a one size fits all product because we don’t have one size fits all clients. You set out your requirements and we work with you to find a way to make it happen.
We are not here to tell you how to run your business but have the expertise to advise on how best your valuation requirements may be met. We have extensive knowledge and experience of the services provided by the various business sectors within the U.K. valuation marketplace. From small long established independent providers through to the large national players, we are able to procure professional valuations at competitive prices, all in market leading timescales.

What we do

Purely and simply we provide Panel Management services.

Lenders appoint their Panels (we can assist with this if you wish) then Lenders, Lender approved Brokers and Packagers send valuation instructions to Pure.

We manage the procurement of valuations, (and other services as required), on the Client’s behalf utilising the agreed Panel of Valuers.

By managing the instruction and return  processes to the valuer firms you approve, we work to ensure delivery of accurate, realistic reports in accordance with your terms and conditions. 

Our industry standard electronic systems ensure that both Lenders and Lender approved introducers are kept informed, up to date and aware of progress in relation to their particular cases,

Pure understand that as a busy financial services broker or packager time is of the essence, which is why, we aim to have a valuation report, completed by a lender approved valuer, on your systems within 72 hours from receiving your completed instruction.

The valuation firms we utilise for valuations on your behalf are considered to be amongst the most professional in the business. 

We work with lender clients and other industry experts to identify these firms and also to provide advice where there are perceived gaps in coverage but as with everything we do the ultimate decision as to which Valuers are on the Lender’s Panel remains with the Lender.

Hear from our delighted customers

“We at White Horse Surveyors have been working with the team at Pure for more than 7 years. The business relationship has always been good but has gotten even stronger over the years thanks to the teams’ friendly approach, their openness and good communication. It is a pleasure to undertake Pure work, the workflow process is straight forward and if we come across an issue, we know that there is always a helpful person to speak to”.

Claudia Sesterheim

CEO, White Horse Surveyors

” Over the years we have worked with Pure Panel Management we have consistently received a good level of service and support. We have built a strong relationship and the staff are all extremely friendly and helpful. Pure consistently demonstrate great knowledge of surveyors in the market and are always at hand to help us appropriately strengthen our panel to meet our needs. Post valuation queries are dealt with efficiently and always followed up quickly if further information is required. We happily recommend Pure Panel Management as a Panel Manager”.

John Haywood

Equity Release Underwriting & Property Risk Manager, LV.r, LV

The industry loves us too ! Over the years we have won a number of prestigious industry specific awards too, including Valuation Partner of the Year.