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As pioneers of the Panel Management concept more than 15 years ago our team have proven time and again that the use of this efficient outsourced service means introducers don’t need to contact you directly to check job progress and calls to your offices are dramatically reduced.

The efficiencies that this enables our clients to introduce, as a result of having more productive staff time internally, have really helped many of our clients add significantly to their bottom line results. Many clients also confirm that the efficient management and return of the Reports mean that customer satisfaction is  high and client retention is improved.

Above all, you can rely on the results. We comply with and look to exceed industry standards and strive to make a real difference to your business proposal. We employ our own audit valuer to quality audit a minimum of 10% of all valuations sourced by Pure Panel Management Ltd to ensure that Valuers too are complying with both Red Book and Lender specific guidelines.

The results of our audits are fed back to valuer firms on a monthly basis and are monitored to ensure consistent service standards and continual service development and product awareness amongst the Valuation community that we interact with on your behalf.

On your behalf we will – 

• As required facilitate the completion and return of Lenders terms of engagement with the Valuers and regularly communicate with the firms on the Lenders behalf.
• Check that each Panel Firm is registered with the RICS and carries a minimum of £1million Professional RICS Compliant Indemnity Cover on an each and every claim basis with an excess of no more than 2.5% of the cover limit.
• Where Lenders require higher indemnity limits we advise on which firms meet those criteria.
• Guidance notes for Valuers provided by lenders are controlled, released and updated as you, the Lender, require. With our audit feedback we work to ensure that valuers are equipped for the job and that their performance is monitored against specific criteria.
In short Lenders experience, less hassle, less worry and more productive in house staff whilst at the same time retaining control over who you trust to provide valuation advice.