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Pure understand that as a busy financial services broker or packager time is of the essence, which is why, we aim to have a valuation report, completed by a lender approved valuer, on your systems within 72 hours from receiving your online completed instruction. Xit2's Valuation Exchange  system and Quest are our clients usual system of choice. We can work with either system so it is your choice, although we will offer you guidance as to which fits your requirements best. Most importantly, you are the client, so it’s up to you which system you prefer. We know that you don’t want to waste money by ordering Valuations which are never going reach the levels you need to do deals, so, where you would find it helpful and for a small fee, we will provide you with an estimate of value, using approved national database resources before instructing the valuation.



The economic argument is compelling - so too is the emotive one.
Because we speed up your process, you have happier clients.
Of course, it also helps that you will free up vital internal resources to do
what ever you need to make your business even more competitive.

What we do on your behalf:

— Source a suitably qualified and approved valuer.

Check access details and liaise with the applicant where necessary.

Chase at every stage to ensure SLA deadlines are adhered to.

Ensure that the report, including photographs where required,
is  returned within the timescale agreed.

Prepare a single invoice to you on a monthly basis for all valuations
(subject to status and signed credit agreement)
with a statement detailing all transactions.

Act as a central liaison point with yourself, the lender and the valuer
in the event of a post valuation query.