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The Valuation firms we utilise
for valuations on your behalf are considered to be amongst the most professional in the business. We work with Lender clients and other industry experts to identify these firms and also to provide advice where there are perceived gaps in coverage.

Where instructed to do so we ensure that each firm has real and recent knowledge of the local property market before agreeing what postcodes we will suggest to clients as approved locations. However, ultimately the Panels are the Lenders choice so our role is initially an advisory one, only moving to a monitoring and management role once Lenders approve and confirm their Panel.

Where requested by Lenders we can and do facilitate the completion
and return of Lenders terms of engagement with the Valuers and
regularly communicate with the firms on the Lenders behalf.

We also act on behalf of Lenders to ensure that each Panel Firm is  registered with the RICS and carries a minimum of £1 million Professional Indemnity Cover on an each and every claim basis with an excess of no more than 2.5% of the cover limit.

Where specific Lenders require higher indemnity limits we are able to advise on which firms meet those criteria. 

We provide support to firms by way of giving access to the Rightmove Plus system as well as database information available on Quest and The Valuation Exchange.

Guidance notes for Valuers provided by lenders are controlled, released and updated regularly on Valuation Exchange. With our audit feedback we work to ensure that valuers are equipped for the job and that their performance is monitored against specific criteria.